About Us

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We are Commercial Debt Resolution Specialists that provide critical solutions to businesses facing financial strain due to debts owed or unpaid debts. Our team of representatives are located throughout the country and provide personalized assistance in reducing outstanding debts, negotiating with creditors and managing collections.

Over the years, our techniques and methods have been developed and honed by trial and error, research and education. Our method is a proven one that yields tremendous results.

We derive a great sense of pleasure helping others through the devastation that debt can cause on a business. Most importantly, with us on your side you can feel assured that we DO understand what you are going through and we KNOW how to fix it.

We were struggling under the strain of debt.

The Waterford Group, USA began in 1999 after one of our founders faced every business owner’s worst nightmare. After delivering over $1.7 million worth of services a client failed to pay their invoice. What was once a lucrative contract resulted in an uncertain time for a mid-size firm. You could imagine the horror when just 18 months later another million-dollar contract went unpaid.

The business could barely survive under the stress of lost income and the results were disastrous. Creditors began a series of actions including collections, foreclosures, and the filing of lawsuits and liens. Dealing with the overwhelming burden of unsettled debt became a full time job. The focus on the growth of the business along with the development of employees began to disappear under the pressure and demands of the creditors. The effects were even felt on the families and clients. To make matters worse, we had no asset protection measures in place for the business.

This ordeal taught us 3 critical facts about collection:

  • Under the circumstances many of the creditors were willing to accept less than what was owed to them and provide a release of any further liability in exchange for immediate cash.
  • Collecting a debt through the legal system is a very expensive and frustrating process often also leading to the collection of nothing.
  • Unsecured creditors routinely lose more than 97% of what they are owed in a Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing

With this personal experience The Waterford Group, USA began. We’ve helped thousands of companies across the nation reclaim their freedom from debt and end their battle with collections. In only 15 months we´ve helped clients work their way out of financial ruin, pay creditors, avoid bankruptcy and get back to the life they love. No court costs, attorney fees, bankruptcy filing or emotional stress.