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Take a look at what our clients say. Since we value the confidentiality of our clients we’ve removed their names:

“(We) still have a ways to go, but things are more manageable and I’m sleeping better. By the end of this year I hope that the mountain of financial debt and disaster I was climbing when I met you is nothing more than a speed bump in the rear view mirror on my careers roadway to success and financial independence.”

– Contractor, Pennsylvania


“We have been working with Waterford for over a year now and have not had a single complaint with their company.  They have helped my business significantly and are an excellent group of people to work with.  I would highly recommend them without a minute of hesitation to any business owner trying to get back on their feet.”

-Florist, Pennsylvania


“(We) owe you a great debt of gratitude. Even though we still have work to do, your insight and advice has been a tremendous resource for me and has enlightened me immensely as a business man. More importantly it has enabled me to ride out the worst storm of my life and spare my family the despair of bankruptcy. It is impossible for me to place a value on that. I hope I am fortunate enough to someday have the wisdom to make a difference in someone’s life as you have in mine.”

-Electrical Contractor, NJ


“(We) would like to express (our) sincere gratitude and appreciation to you and your company, for assisting (our Firm) with a debt resolution plan, which helped our company through a difficult period of restructuring.

Your professionalism and dedication to our account was key in resolving our debt quickly, and also in preventing unnecessary legal and/or collection fees from vendors. All paperwork and payoffs to vendors was completed in a very timely and acceptable manner to all parties involved.”

-Wood Design and Manufacturing Company, Illinois


“Everything you said is fine.  I’ll work by your timetable.  You folks are the PROS.  I just wanted to confirm that you began working on the new accounts.  I’m relieved that you have my back.”

-Moving and Storage Firm, New York


“Through your professional and timely efforts, we were able to continue doing business as (usual). Your negotiating with our vendors and creditors remedied our debts without damaging our credit. All settlements left everyone satisfied. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

-LTL Freight Transportation Company, New York


“Your company was an answer to prayer. (We) thought (bankruptcy) was the only way to save (our) company. It was against everything I believe in··· you were able to stop the calls for payments and (satisfy) our vendors. You have been a real life saver in a time of need and (we) would recommend you to anyone.”

-Towing and Wrecking Company, Pennsylvania


“The Waterford Group has taken the edge off (the collections) and has been able (work) with my creditors even after they said they would not deal. I recommend (you) to anyone.”

-Insurance and Real Estate Broker, Texas


“We are not receiving creditor calls or letters in large part to your efforts. We appreciate your service and the professional manner in which you conduct business.”

-Advertising Firm, Florida


“Couldn’t be happier with The Waterford Group. They are everything they said they would be and more. I just need to get them a few more accounts to work on. Thanks so much for everything.”

-Fire Protection Company, Pennsylvania


“The Waterford Group USA has a thorough knowledge of their business and were a quick study in learning ours. They treat our business as their own and has worked in partnership with our company.”

-Institutional Food Service Company, Pennsylvania


“We are very impressed with The Waterford Group and how they secured very favorable and amicable settlements with my business creditors.  Thank you for taking away a huge portion of stress from our business when we were going Through such difficult times.  We used to be scared when the phone rang, now we welcome it!”

-Medical Business, New York


“Before working with the Waterford Group I was somewhat skeptical, especially after interviewing and reading their fine print agreements. With creditors and lawyers threatening us on a daily basis, we didn’t have much time with only two viable options, 1. file bankruptcy or 2. hire the Waterford Group”

“After working with the Waterford Group for over a year now we haven’t looked back, we are extremely satisfied with their professionalism and excellent negotiation skills, they not only saved us a boat load of cash but saved our business and I am extremely grateful for that. “If I had to do it all over again, I would, but much faster.”

“They are the real deal and I highly recommend the Waterford Group!”

-Commercial Landscaping Company, California


Now that you see the satisfaction of our clients, do not hesitate and contact us immediately!