Another Valuable Reason to Worry about Your Overall Health


Macro Photo of Stethoscope and Pens

Health, what does it mean to you?  It can be the health of your business, physical, mental, spiritual and / or family health.  Thanks to one of my personal goals of self-development and enrichment; I can enlighten you on what I’ve learned about getting your total health picture in check.

Your physical health is obvious.  Eat right, exercise and always fuel your body like the champion entrepreneur you want to be.

Mental health is a little more complicated.  Do you take the time to clear your mind?  Maybe you need to practice mind mapping or brain dumping.  Are you getting enough sleep to be able to think clearly?  Can you say you are doing anything to begin your professional day with a clear mind ready to tackle what the day holds for you?

Spiritual health is tricky and it is highly personal.  It is, however, measurable.  What do you need to do to feel harmony and inner peace in your day to day life?  Does meditation or prayer do it for you?  Do you feel better heading to temple or mass? You figure it out and do more of that.

Family health, yes it’s a thing.  If there is angst in you r family life it will carry over and effect many aspects of your professional life.  Imagine a recent argument or disagreement you had with your significant other.  It can affect the important meeting or the way to handle a situation with your employees.  How can you close a big sale if you are taking your frustrations out in the board room? Enter the work day with a clear head and go home to your family with a clear head.  Leave work at work and home at home.  Many iconic entrepreneurs have learned the value of being present.  It’s not to say you shouldn’t share your day and worries with the important people in your life but find a balance where it’s not all consuming  When the two mix, draw some lines in the sand, as needed to keep things coherent.

The bottom line is getting all aspects of your health in order and you will find much more peace, happiness and professional success.

By Julie Harvatine, Director of Accounts at The Waterford Group USA