Brains and Glasses, Who Are You?



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Are you a left or right brain person? How about your glass? Is it half full or half empty? I am a left brainer with a glass that is half full. It’s enough to make you want to vomit!  Sure, I have days when I flex my creative right brain muscles but in a 30 day period, I can count those days on one hand.  I also have days where I look at my glass and trudge through my day like Eeyore.

Every entrepreneur needs to know two things about themselves.   The first is…Why?  It will help to work on your strengths.  I need to do lists, I have a passion for organizing, time blocking and project management.  I need help from creative types.  Sure, I have ideas and input but mostly acting on such creative tasks seems like a huge chore for me.  Conversely, a right brainer looks at to do lists, spreadsheets and a tidy desk and goes crazy.  Right brainers have their own organized chaos.

My glass being half full is a double-edged sword.  I can empathize that “the stomach bug” is completely terrible but I will fit in my jeans for a few days without feeling fat or maybe it’s the jump start to a new diet.  I need to surround myself with people who are realists.  Not necessarily “Debbie Downers” but people that can ground me and my enthusiasm and keep me balanced.

Why did I tell you all this?  To prove you need a team to help balance you just like you need both accounts receivable and payable to balance your budget.  Knowing these things about yourself will help you turn your business around, become more successful and feel less burned out and less stressed.  This, in turn, will help you and your business as you are working through your voluntary workout turning around your company and making positive changes for future stability.

By Julie Harvatine, Director of Accounts at The Waterford Group USA