What can a Solid Skill Set Do for your Business?

Recently a lot of research and articles that have come to my news feeds are asking a question.

Is it better to be a jack of all trades and master of none or master one skill and give that skill all you have?

So I continued to research this topic as I have found it intriguing. Several sources, all creditable, successful business people say to master one skill. You can have all the good ideas that you want, but if you don’t have a skill to get that idea off the ground, what good is an idea? This being said, think what one good skill could do if you find yourself struggling after you have started your business. If your skill is marketing, you can take to the streets, take a step back to grass roots marketing efforts if you must, and network the heck out of whatever you have. If your skill set is in the financial arena, you can find funding options to keep your doors open. If you are a master manger, then go to work to analyze where you can change and improve to turn things around. I won’t drone on but I think this brief summary should help you discover what your skill set is and go ahead and flex those muscles.

Julie Harvatine, Director of Accounts
The Waterford Group USA