You don’t have to go it alone

-By Julie Harvatine-

Have you tried or are you thinking about trying to settle your business debts yourself?  Sure you could save a few dollars, but at what cost? Imagine the time and focus that it will take away from you operating your business. They are the operations that will bring the funds in that are needed to complete the settlements.

If you have already tried, were you successful? I thought when I started settling debts professionally that this would be an easy job. I was so wrong! It can be brutal. Some collectors can be vicious and ruthless.  Some creditors and collection agents are bullies.  This leads me to the #1 reason business owners stop trying to settle their own debts or don’t even attempt to… They are scared.  Having a third party represent you, especially one with experience, can be a lifesaving and business saving decision.

-Julie Harvatine is the Director of Accounts at The Waterford Group USA