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Since 1999 we've helped thousands of business owners deal with their delinquent debt by negotiating settlements with their creditors.

We stop harassing collection calls and direct them to our office so that you can focus on your business. 

Also, we understand that you need many, if not all, of your vendors. Through our representation, we restore communication which begins to repair relationships. 

We started the Waterford Group USA because we've been there so we know what you're going through and more importantly we know the way out.

  • Stop harassing collection calls
  • Huge reductions in cash
  • Reduced Stress

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We have over 20 years of experience helping business owners with their delinquent debt and we can help you too. We stop collection calls and settle your debt.

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A debt problem doesnt have to be a death sentence for your business. Learn how The Waterford Group USA can help you avoid bankruptcy and guide you through.

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We deal with your creditors in a nonaggressive, nonconfrontational way that repairs strained and damaged relationships and doesn't alienate your vendors.

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“Before working with the Waterford Group I was somewhat skeptical. With creditors and lawyers threatening us on a daily basis, we didn’t have much time with only two viable options, 1. file bankruptcy or 2. hire The Waterford Group”  

“After working with The Waterford Group we haven’t looked back, we are extremely satisfied with their professionalism and excellent negotiation skills, they not only saved us a boat load of cash but saved our business and I am extremely grateful for that. If I had to do it all over again, I would, but much faster.” 

“They are the real deal and I highly recommend The Waterford Group USA!”  

-Commercial Landscaping Company, -CA


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